Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 FAL Q1: Goals

Alright! On to the second part of my plan to tackle my unfinished projects this year! 

There is a wonderful and encouraging link up called Finish A Long that is hosted by multiple international bloggers. The year is divided into quarters, at the beginning of each quarter I will write a post listing my goals, then at the end of the quarter, I will post my finishes! There is also a week of tutorials leading up to the finish linky, and I'm excited about that too!

I have ambitious goals for this first quarter, especially considering that the first quarter of the year is when I work my 'day job'. But hey, if I don't make the goals, I'll never make progress on any of it, right?

So, on to the projects:

As seen before, I'll be finishing this Rainbow Baby Quilt. Right now it is in the flimsy (finished top) stage.

WhatsNextMa: Rainbow Baby Quilt
I have this great Summer Solstice Quilt flimsy to finish as well. 

Summer Solstice Quilt
Next up is my Southwest Saturday Sampler Quilt. It needs one more pieced border, then finished.

Southwest Saturday Sampler
My Positive Symmetry Pillow will be a free pattern/tutorial here on the blog, and the beginning of a series of mini charm patterns too!

WhatsNextMa: Positive Symmetry Pillow
I purchased a kit from Connecting Threads last year of the Sparkle Plenty pattern in Sedona Sunrise fabric, what can I say, Southwest themes make me smile! I've only barely started stitching the hsts together, so this quilt has a long way to go to be finished.

Another pillow to finish, a Hunter's Star that I made as a sample for a workshop that I taught last year (and just booked another one in April, yeah!)

Hunter's Star Pillow
A quilt made from leftovers is always a bonus! This is a Hst baby quilt. 

WhatsNextMa: Hst Value Baby Quilt
 Once again I find myself with an unfinished Christmas gift in January...really? I've already made good progress on this Hidden Stars quilt this week, hopefully I'll get it done soon!

Hidden Stars Log Cabin Quilt
Another project that was originally a sample for the workshop, my Scrappy Hunter's Star quilt. I know the picture shows it in blocks, but it has made it to flimsy stage.

Scrappy Hunter's Star quilt
And one more Hunter's Star project, a Black and Bright Hunter's Star quilt. There are sixteen different brights in this quilt with the black background, and it is stunning! Right now they are all in block units, I need to get them up on the design wall to decide on color distribution, then make the top and finish it.

Bright Hunter's Star Quilt
That should be more than enough to keep me busy for three months, right? 

With these projects along with some new sewing that I will be doing, I should be pretty happy in the quilting room!

I look forward to reporting on my progress, and I thank you for stopping by!