Thursday, December 29, 2016

Finished Projects: Made in 2016

Hello, hello! Welcome to the third and final post on my quilting adventures in 2016!

This post is dedicated to the finishes...and may I just tell you, I am so surprised with how many projects I actually finished this year!?! Granted, many of them are small...but I'll take what I can get!

I started the year by finishing a Christmas gift...tell me I'm not the only one? It's a simple pillow cover from a charm pack with some strait line quilting on each side of the seams.

Winter Pillow cover

Next isn't technically my finish, but I had a part in it, and I'm so darn proud of how it turned out! This is a New York Beauty quilt, Florida Keys style! I contributed two blocks. I don't personally have a picture of the finished quilt...but it is finished, and will be up for raffle at our guild show in February 2017.

Paradise Quilters Raffle Quilt

My husband had a coworker expecting their first grandchild, and he asked me if I could whip up a little gift...of course I could!

Hot Air Balloon baby quilt

We have dark leather furniture in the living room, and wanted to brighten up the look...quilted pillow covers to the rescue! On the right is the contact print pillow from Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts, the second on the left is my original design.

Pillow covers for living room

And then, my crowning glory of the very first commission quilt! You can read more about it here...and later on I made a pillow cover to match it!

WhatsNextMa: Improv Neutral Baby Quilt

WhatsNextMa: Improv Neutral Pillow Cover

My youngest (17) has discovered sailing since we moved to the Keys, and he loves, loves, loves walking to the sailing center after school to sail for a couple hours before it is time to come home. I made him a pillow to celebrate his new found hobby.

Sailboat pillow

For some more tropical color and brightness around the house, I made a quick batik table runner from a charm pack or two.

Batik table runner

And for Christmas sewing, I made a quick ornament from the tutorial by Amy at Diary of a Quilter. Too adorable!

Itty Bitty Tree Ornament

And just to round out the year...I made a pillow as a Christmas gift...only I actually finished it before Christmas, lol! This is for my youngest again...he loves penguins too!

Penguin Pillow

All in all, far more finishes than I would have originally thought! Now that I've looked at what I've accomplished, I get to plan on how to get things done in 2017!

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Works in Progress: More of 2016

Welcome back! I'm continuing to review what I accomplished over the past year in my's more than I thought!

In this post I'll cover the projects that made it to the top/flimsy stage that were not scraps...eight in all! There are quite a few more projects that I am still working on, so I set the limit of it needed to at least be sewn into a top.

I started the year by taking a fun workshop with my local quilt guild called the sawtooth star...I've seen it by several other names on Pinterest. This is a fun method because you don't have to worry about losing points as you stitch things together!

Sawtooth Star

Later in the year, I actually led a workshop myself! I used this tutorial to teach my guild members how to make the Hunter's Star block, and this quilt and pillow were some of my samples.

Scrappy Hunter's Star

Hunter's Star Pillow

During the summer, I participated in the Summer Solstice Quilt-along with Melissa at Happy Quilting. I loved the pattern and the pace of the QAL, and the color choices of the other participants was so fantastic!

Summer Solstice QAL

I'm trying to venture out of my bubble a bit...and I made up my own pattern for a pillow! I'm calling it the Positive Symmetry Pillow, and I'll be writing up a tutorial for you to make your own and publishing it in January, wish me luck!

WhatsNextMa: Positive Symmetry Pillow

Throughout the entire year, I've been participating in a Saturday Sampler through what was my local quilt store when I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (If you are driving through on I-40, be sure to stop by Busy Bee Quilts in Edgewood...they are fantastic!) I chose the Southwest colorway, because I'm a sucker for turquoise.

Southwest Saturday Sampler Quilt

And right at Christmastime I was introduced to the A Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree wall quilt I started two with big plans to get them finished and off to the intended's a good thing Christmas comes every year, lol!

Tall tree wall quilt #1

Tall tree wall quilt #2

And that's it for today! Not bad progress for a fairly new quilter, right?

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Accomplishments: Review of 2016

Hello friends!

As part of moving into 2017, I wanted to make a record of what I had done in here goes! Today is the scrappy edition!

Oh, did I ever have such a great time with scraps! I was initially inspired by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and her i may have a scrap problem posts. Now, I don't have tubs and tubs of scraps...I don't even have as much fabric as she has scraps...but I did have one little medium size tub that was full of scrunched up pieces that bothered me.

Keep in mind that I live in a house that is less than 1400 square feet right now, and although I have a room dedicated to sewing/crafting, it measures less than 10 x 10. So, my little box and I became friends...over several weeks I pulled out a few fabrics, pressed them, then cut them up into 5" squares, 2.5" strips and squares, strings (strips less than 2.5" wide) and crumbs (pieces less than 2.5" square.)

Bin of scrap fabrics

Wonderful! I had made instead of one medium size box of jumbled scraps, I had four shoe size boxes of scraps in various sizes. It was progress, but not as much progress as I I started sewing...

First up was a value hst (half square triangle) lap quilt top from the warm/cool 5" squares...

Warm/Cool hst quilt
A bit later I started sewing together the 2.5" squares into two-patches, then four-patches, then eight-patches. I got really good at swirling the seams! I added a rectangle to each long side and then had this twin size top...
twin scrap quilt
Next in the scrappy sewing it was back to the 5" bin for a rainbow baby blanket...
Rainbow baby quilt
Then it was time for the crumbs! I'd never sewn with crumbs or strings before, it's addicting! This top is twin size...
crumb quilt
Back to the 2.5" bin...and I emptied it! This sixteen patch quilt is a generous lap size
sixteen patch scrap quilt
And the final scrappy project of of 2016 took me right back to the beginning...remember those hsts? I made many more than I used in the first quilt...enough for a baby quilt!
warm/cool hst baby quilt
Now, these are all still in the flimsy stage...I have planned some backing for some of them, purchased some for I have plenty of work to do...but this is some fantastic progress for the year! I definitely understand why some quilters work almost exclusively with scraps!
And it all started because Sarah had such a great series of ideas on her blog about scraps! Thanks for stopping by!
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Welcoming 2017: Quilting Goals

Hello! Welcome to my little piece of the online quilting world!

Like many, the new year marks a good time for me to make plans for upcoming months and how I would like things to progress. In my mind, planning always involves lists - not a list; lists, plural. I am an unabashed continual list-writer! 

With that in mind, let's take a peek at what I'd like 2017 to look like...

Personal Quilting:
  • Learn to free motion quilt
Business Quilting:
  • Learn to use the longarm and frame
Teaching Quilting:
  • Schedule another workshop/class
  • Build website and migrate blog
Pattern Writing:
  • Share original ideas

That's where I'll stop for now! Because I love writing lists, I can sometime's feel as if in writing the list I have actually accomplished something...the real goal for the year is to get my ideas off the page and out into the world! That's what the list above is about...breaking out and going for it!

Thank you for the encouragement to figure out and commit to some goals for the year to Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl, and her 2017 Planning Linky Party

Happy Quilting!