Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Accomplishments: Review of 2016

Hello friends!

As part of moving into 2017, I wanted to make a record of what I had done in here goes! Today is the scrappy edition!

Oh, did I ever have such a great time with scraps! I was initially inspired by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and her i may have a scrap problem posts. Now, I don't have tubs and tubs of scraps...I don't even have as much fabric as she has scraps...but I did have one little medium size tub that was full of scrunched up pieces that bothered me.

Keep in mind that I live in a house that is less than 1400 square feet right now, and although I have a room dedicated to sewing/crafting, it measures less than 10 x 10. So, my little box and I became friends...over several weeks I pulled out a few fabrics, pressed them, then cut them up into 5" squares, 2.5" strips and squares, strings (strips less than 2.5" wide) and crumbs (pieces less than 2.5" square.)

Bin of scrap fabrics

Wonderful! I had made instead of one medium size box of jumbled scraps, I had four shoe size boxes of scraps in various sizes. It was progress, but not as much progress as I I started sewing...

First up was a value hst (half square triangle) lap quilt top from the warm/cool 5" squares...

Warm/Cool hst quilt
A bit later I started sewing together the 2.5" squares into two-patches, then four-patches, then eight-patches. I got really good at swirling the seams! I added a rectangle to each long side and then had this twin size top...
twin scrap quilt
Next in the scrappy sewing it was back to the 5" bin for a rainbow baby blanket...
Rainbow baby quilt
Then it was time for the crumbs! I'd never sewn with crumbs or strings before, it's addicting! This top is twin size...
crumb quilt
Back to the 2.5" bin...and I emptied it! This sixteen patch quilt is a generous lap size
sixteen patch scrap quilt
And the final scrappy project of of 2016 took me right back to the beginning...remember those hsts? I made many more than I used in the first quilt...enough for a baby quilt!
warm/cool hst baby quilt
Now, these are all still in the flimsy stage...I have planned some backing for some of them, purchased some for I have plenty of work to do...but this is some fantastic progress for the year! I definitely understand why some quilters work almost exclusively with scraps!
And it all started because Sarah had such a great series of ideas on her blog about scraps! Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Meredith, all of these quilts are fantastic! You inspire me to dig in my scrap bins. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

    1. Thank you! The way the colors flow over your colorwash quilt inspired me when laying out the design for my rainbow baby quilt!

  2. I found you through Sara's blog. I just love your scrap quilts! Feels good to get "free" quilts from our scraps, doesn't it!? Scrap quilts are my favorite kind of quilt.

    1. Thank you, Pam! It does feel as if I got six bonus quilts!

  3. Meredith, you did AWESOME!!! These quilts are all just marvelous, and I'm so proud for your achievement!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! You were such a great inspiration!


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