Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Wheels

I've got a baby shower to attend tonight, so that means a card!

There was a crop recently on Cardswaps in which one of the members, Barry, created a fantastic card with a sunburst pattern.

Now, I like the look of sunbursts, and have on occasion used the design on my cards...but always end up with the biggest mess of wonky cuts and scraps left over, so I don't use them often.

Enter Barry's suggestion to cut strips of paper about 1" x 4", then cut those strips diagonally from corner to corner to get your 'rays'. Genius!!!

You then adhere the rays from a central point...I used the center of my card, you may of course choose whatever point you wish!

I cut my strips a different size, 1.25" x 6", which resulted in a narrower strip, and after I was done, this is what I had!

  • patterned paper: Recollections
  • card base: unknown
  • stamps: Unity
  • ink: distress ink
  • die cuts: Spellbinders
  • punch: ek success
The sentiment is on the inside...check out how cute it is!

And the border I used on the inside was made with a regular label punch following these brilliant instructions...I love people who are generous enough to share when they are more clever than I am!

The total effect of the front of the card is so striking with the sunburst...

that I couldn't bear to cover it up with a normal envelope...not even a cute pink or purple I dug around and found one of my vellum envelopes!

You could experiment with the size of the starting strips to vary the size and shape of the 'rays'. Wider, shorter, narrow, about using edge treatments such as border punches or shaped scissors...hmm, sounds like its time to play with some more paper!

I'm linking this post over at the Unity blog to the Friends with Flair Friday...there are always so many lovely projects to see, come visit!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Cute! I love how you did the sunbust, I'm gonna try that! thanks for the link!

  2. i LOVE this card you made!!! love the sunburst

  3. Super adorable! Love the sunburst background. :)

  4. This card is stunning! Love the sunburst background, and the colors you used.

  5. Wow? Very cool. Thanks for sharing how to do the sunburst!

  6. Love what you did with this. Excellent.

  7. Wow! This is such a great look. Off to read the border link.

  8. Such a great idea! Thanks for the tips!!!

  9. Vundebah! (Okay, that was phonetic...because I can't spell very well!)...

    BUT this card said to me besides SUPER NEAT...was...that a baby IS the CENTER of the UNIVERSE! (for at least an incredible 22 years!)

  10. Love the sunburst design. The card is fantastic!

  11. Very cute! Love your starburst!


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