Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017: January

One of the lovely things about quilting is that even when you are finished with a project, you have the scraps! 

As a consequence, there are many great ideas on what to do with your scraps...and one of those is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, hosted by the SoScrappy blog. The basic premise is that a color is chosen for the month, and you use that color to make scrappy blocks in the pattern of your choice. Each Saturday during the month, there is a linky where you can show what you've done for that month...or, and I highly recommend this...you browse for inspiration. There are some fantastic ideas in those linkys!!!

Well, after seeing a great quilt made by a participant from last year's challenge, I decided I'd like to hop on the bandwagon! I'll be using the Medallion Log Cabin tutorial by TanyaQuilts. 

Here are the blocks I made with purple for January...

The purples are from my tiny purple scrap pile, and the background I'm using is a neat angular backing fabric that I used on the second quilt I ever made. It was a wide backing, so there was a lot left over...hopefully it will last me through this particular quilt!

I look forward to next month's color!

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