Saturday, August 21, 2010

Holiday Cards, Swapping Fun!

I really enjoy is fun to make cards that you know will be appreciated by the recipient, someone to ooh and aah over your work...

I joined a swap for holiday cards over at the Cardmaker magazine message favorite place to 'hang out' with friends online. Each person in the swap group is responsible for one holiday...I joined two groups, so I'm doing two holidays.

In one group I was given Valentines Day, here is my card...super simple and graphic...

heart icons front

heart icons inside

I was surrounded by patterned papers and ribbons and lace...but this is what the card ended up looking like...sometimes, you can't predict where your creative muse will take you!

Do you see that awesome banner edge to the left of the sentiment? I knew that I would never be happy with the result I got using my, I stuck the end of the rectangle into my square punch, and clipped off the triangle, and voila! A perfect banner edge...try it!

In the second group, I was given Halloween, and here is the result!

halloween front

halloween inside

Can you believe that those two stamps are $1 stamps? I love dollar stamps! I should start a blog featuring dollar stamps!!! Hey, maybe I will!!!

I also adore the spiderweb embossed background...that's using a Fiskars plate in my cuttlebug...isn't it great? I bought the plates and the embossing tool to use with it...but did not like the result I got...I'm sure that practice would have improved my technique...but I wasn't patient enough for that...

I'm looking forward to seeing what the other participants created...I love getting happy mail!

Thank you for looking!


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