Friday, June 29, 2012

Some Days are Better than Others...

...and yesterday was not one of those days!

I'm experimenting with some new (to me) techniques, which can sometimes mean a few 'oops' before getting the hang of it. 

Case in point...blending and silhouette stamping for the One Layer Wednesday Challenge...

Since the current challenge is to make a card size other than A2, I thought that it would be nice to make a quick set of 3"x3" notecards to send as a little gift. 

I started by masking the edges of the notecard, blending in a background, stamping an image, then stamping and heat embossing a sentiment...and ended up with this...

Not too bad, but the sentiment gets lost in the image, and I was not careful with the embossing powder, so there are flakes of it all around the, not gifting material.

Next up was this notecard...

Nicer...and I like it...except for when I picked it up to put it in the 'keep' pile...

I noticed that I had oriented the stamping the wrong way...the card opens backwards!!!

Ugh! Next try...I changed up the masking a bit to mask in from the edges, leaving the edges to be colored by the distress ink as well.

I ended up with this creation...

Hmm, I like it, but the white space is too doesn't seem to be in proportion to the rest of the know?

So, try again...this time with 1/8" strips masked around the edges...

Eureka! I love it! I added buttons to accent the intersections, stamped and embossed a is definitely what I was going for...and looks great for giving!

And then...

Really? I let my work surface get so messy that I totally messed up the back of the card!!!

That's it! I gave up for the evening and watched some Netflix! And up the craft room is what is on the agenda!

Thanks for reading my rambling!


  • cardstock: stash
  • ink: distress inks by Tim Holtz and memento ink
  • stamps: floral silhouette by hero arts and sentiments by tpc studios


  1. I've done that many times myself. My scrap pile is usually far bigger than my usable one! Great concept & I love the final result. Jenny

  2. Hi Meredith, What a wonderful post! I like how you documented your "steps". It can be so frustrating at times... Like you, I have to walk away.

    You've inspired me to try your technique of blending in the background and stamping an image. I love it. It's adorable on a 3x3 size which is my favorite).

    I'm so glad you joined the OLW challenge this week!

  3. LOL! I did enjoy reading your post and how you got on with this technique. I really like blending (I'm not good at it) and the colours you've used are fab! I do like the last one - the buttons are so sweet.


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