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Technique: Paper Weaving

Hello, hello!

If you are visiting from the Cardswaps message board, welcome! If you stumbled upon my blog from another place and decided to look around, why, you're welcome too!

I'm responsible for the weekly challenge on the Cardswaps board this week, with the assignment of 'technique'. If you have no idea what I'm referring to, please click through to the board and read all about it...then join in on the fun!

A little background...I spend way too much a bit of my time on the computer looking around and enjoying others creativity, mostly on Pinterest. (Which, by the way, if you do not know what that is...keep your sanity, stay away!!!) (Just kidding...if you want an invite, just message me on the board, and I'll be happy to send you one.) I came across this delightful card and filed the idea for later...well, happily, later finally came!

This week, we're going to give our trimmers a workout, while making some paper weaving! I've given directions for the size weaving that I made...but you can change it up to make whatever size you want!

Start by gathering the supplies you'll need for the paper weaving:

  • cardstock 'base' for the weaving (mine was 6" x 6")
  • strips of paper cut to equal widths (mine were 1/2"), and long enough to cover the 'base', you need enough to cover the base width and, 24 for me (my base is 6 inches high and the strips are 1/2 inch wide, so it will take 12 strips to cover the width, then the height of my base is 6 inches, so it will take another 12 strips to cover the height)
  • dry adhesive
  • that's it!

I used paper from a coordinating pack I picked up at WM on clearance, its really bright, as you'll be able to see in the final pictures.

Next, run a single line of your dry adhesive across the top of your 'base' cardstock...I tried to take a picture of this...but it is beyond my meager photography skills to take a picture of clear adhesive on white paper!

Start applying your strips in whatever order you like across the top of the 'base'. Keep the strips right next to each other, trying to leave no space in between them. All going vertically across the 'base'.

Continue until the 'base' cardstock is covered completely.

Now, don't mind my two pieces that stick up from the is just because the strips I used had patterns on part of them that I wanted to be a part of the design...there is no need for you to do the same!

Now take the strips that you still have, and start weaving them one at a time, over and under the vertical strips, these will make your horizontal layers.

Look closely at the picture and you will see that the first horizontal strip is on top of the first vertical strip, under the second, over the third, under the fourth, and so on...all the way across the base. Snug it up next to the top, just by sliding it up.

Grab your second horizontal strip, and start weaving it...but take the opposite side that you used for the first strip. In other words, weave the strip under the first vertical strip, then over the second, under the third, over the fourth, and so on.

Then slide that second strip right up next to the first horizontal one!

Continue alternating weaving the strips, always making the next one weave the opposite of the strip above sure to snug the strips up tightly against the one above it.

Until you get to the end of your cardstock 'base', and it is fully covered. Doesn't it look fabulous!?!

Now, you need to secure the weaving, so that when you use it, it does not shift and come loose. You are going to think I'm crazy, but grab the bottom of the weaving and lift it up. It should pretty much stay in place as you lift it...that is why you were careful to snug the strips up next to each other.

Pull the weaving out of the way, and apply adhesive to the much is up to you and should depend on how you are planning to use the weaving. If you will be leaving it in one piece, you will need to do the edges. If you are planning to cut it up, more adhesive would be can see that I put quite a bit on, and you will see why, later.

Lay the weaving back down, carefully, you don't want any wrinkles at this point! If your strips came a bit loose, just use your fingers to snug them together before you lie them down on the adhesive.

Once the strips are stuck to the base, trim the overhanging edges even with the base. 

Voila! You have a masterpiece of paper weaving!

Now, what can you do with it?

One option, is to die cut a shape from the weaving...

...and use it as a fantastic element on a card!

And just in the spirit of full disclosure...I may have gone a bit crazy fitting die cuts into the space left on my weaving leftovers from the first element...

But look...they make such great elements for the inside, too!

Here is the complete card...including a matching envelope for sending.

I am also entering this first card in the challenge over at Hand Stamped Sentiments ~ Quilts 

The first quilt pictured has such bright colors, they are so lovely! 

Here are some other options for using your woven element...

Stitch around the weaving and make it a main element...

And these cards are for entry into the Shopping Our Stash weekly challenge ~ red, white & blue and/or stars & stripes. Don't they fit perfectly?

Use strips made of a punched border...

Use two contrast colors, one for the vertical strips and
one for the horizontal strips and leave the edges uneven...

Have fun weaving!




  1. very pretty cards that you did
    can not wait to do your challenge
    look like fun
    thank for showing

  2. Fancy, Meredith! Your tutorial is very well done.

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  6. Gorgeous and I love the variations. Simply beautiful! Your color choices are so vibrant and really pop. Thank you for joining us at Hand Stamped Sentiments.

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  11. wonderful woven designs! They all look fabulous!
    Thanks for joining us at Shopping Our Stash!

    Hugs, Alica ;)


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